Monday, 1 August 2011

"Tinkerbell" Update

The bunker for Danish Class 'F' 0-6-0T No.656 "Tinkerbell" has been lifted into place on the frames (chassis). I don't know how temporary (or otherwise) this is at this stage, at the time of my visit only a few bolts were holding it in place. I believe most of the parts for this loco are now refurbished, and apart from the boiler, much of the remaining work is now general reassembly.

No.656 viewed from the front. The experimental fabric cylinder cladding has not been deemed to be a great success and will be replaced in due course!

Repairs to the boiler have been costed, and are relatively cheap (in steam engine terms). Further to this however, it is hoped that much of the boiler overhaul can be done in-house in order to save about two-thirds of the cost, and also provide an invaluable learning opportunity for boiler skills on the railway.

More volunteers to work on locos such as this, or financial donations, are always welcome - please contact the railway or simply drop by!