Monday, 15 August 2011

More Mk1 News

The newly restored bogies for SK E25639 are just about complete, and the coach has been brought into the yard alongside. This suggests that the bogie swap is imminent.

Under-restoration Mk1 TSO No.4466 basks in the sunshine. This will be the first BR maroon-liveried coach on the railway for several years.

4466 viewed from the other end last week, after the carriage shunt. This coach is very definitely on the home straight, one coat of topcoat is required on the doors and lower bodyside to make it presentable for use. Lining out will probably have to wait until after the steam gala and 1940s weekend, as this coach is desperately needed in service for these events! The BR emblem and number transfers have also arrived.

I am indebted to Allan Nunn, the owner and restorer of this coach, for sending these three photos of the interior through and filling in detail on progress. This end is finished, complete with reading lights and luggage racks.

The saloon at the other end, this awaits reading lights and luggage racks but then will be complete. A new ceiling went in a few months ago, this is at top-right. In time, the ceiling on the other side may also be replaced.

A closer view of the section of new ceiling. The previous ceiling collapsed over the winter, due to water damage.

A few mechanical parts need finishing in addition to the external painting and internal 'cosmetics' before the coach can be released into traffic for its running-in period. These include the passenger communication cord emergency braking system which needs adjustment, and the outer springs on the bogies which require replacement (these are in stock). Once everything is sorted out, we will have seven operational BR Mk1 coaches, hopefully followed by the others (see posting below) once restored. For the first time ever, the NVR would then have two 5-coach BR Mk1 rakes (with the option of arranging them together in various ways to match demand for special services), and the extremely tatty and unappealing green Danish (DSB) stock can then be withdrawn from service.