Sunday, 30 October 2011

NVR Wagon Group Launch

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, it gives me great pleasure to announce the official launch of the new NVR Wagon Group!

The new website can be found here: , a permanent link has also been added in the sidebar of this site.

News and progress updates about the wagons will be posted on that site from now on, while this site will continue to give regular, more general NVR-related postings.

In addition, I will post a link here whenever the 'News' section of the Wagon Group website is updated, so you need never miss out on progress updates!

Please consider donating to the new Wagon Group - any donations will be greatly appreciated, and every little helps!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Carriage restoration update

A very pleasing sight at Wansford the other week was seeing the first side-sheeting in place on M30272M. As mentioned before on this blog, this historic vehicle is the only surviving coach from the 'Travelling Post Office' (TPO) train that was attacked during the 'Great Train Robbery' of 1963.

Terry has begun to line-out his LMS coach No.18017, which he has converted into volunteer sleeping accommodation. The coach is to be finished in lined LMS 'Crimson Lake' livery.

Currently the focus of attention of the full-time Carriage and Wagon staff is Belgian (SNCB) coach No.21013, which is having its end vestibules rebuilt. The east end is just about done (minus corridor connections)...

...whilst work on the west end continues.

A week later, black undercoat had gone on. This photo itself is probably now out of date, I will try to get a more recent picture soon, on my next visit.

Monday, 17 October 2011

B953944 Launch

Saturday 15th October saw the official launch of Tim's brake van, with a mini exhibition held in the BR banana van, and public internal viewing of the brake van, part of the event. Both Tim and Alan gave short speeches before Alan ceremoniously broke a bottle of Champagne over a buffer. Two of Tim's unrestored 'A-Type' containers were also on display, along with his LNER hopper chassis, and the NVR's banana van. Here the line-up in Platform 1 can be seen.

Most of the lettering on the brake van is now complete.

The banana van contained a slide show projected onto the end wall showing photographs of the restoration, and a couple of poster information boards. One gave a history of the brake van and its restoration, plus Tim's plans for the hopper chassis and the 'A-Type' containers. The other set out the aims and objectives of the new NVR wagon group which is in the process of being established on the railway.

Fortunately we were blessed with gorgeous weather, and with 44422, 73050, and 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" all in steam, a gala atmosphere developed.

Very many thanks are due to all those who helped put on the event, particularly to James the diesel driver and Laura the guard, who put in a lot of physical effort to get the vehicles in the right place. Also thanks are due to all that attended, including a representative from "Steam Railway" magazine, and many thanks also for the donations that were collected on the day.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ready to Launch...

Apologies for the quiet spell this week, I've been working hard on information display panels for the official launch of Tim's BR Standard 20 ton brake van, B953944. The event will also gently publicise the new wagon group at NVR, which is to be launched imminently after a lot of work behind the scenes!

The event begins at 1pm on Saturday 15th October, and is a private invitation affair. However, we expect to open the temporary exhibition to the public for a short while after about 2.30pm, so if you are in the area it might be worth popping in and taking a look! If all goes to plan, this (small) exhibition should be set up in the BR Banana van at Wansford, where you will be welcome to take a look at our future plans and hopefully give us your support.

We hope to see you there!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Diesel Gala Photos

Just a few photos of the various locos at the recent Diesel Gala, held over the three days 30th September - 2nd October.

'Peak' 45060 running round at Peterborough

20107 arriving at Peterborough

D5613 leading 31108, exiting the yard at Wansford

Class 14 "14029" (D9529) at Wansford a couple of weeks before the event.

56303 rests after Saturday's running

D6586 backs onto the Mk1s at Wansford

08622 ready to run a shuttle to Yarwell

37503 rests at Wansford

Monday, 3 October 2011

Going Bananas

With the Diesel Gala in full swing, Tim and I spent most of the Saturday repainting the interior of the banana van at Peterborough. The intention is to use this van as a temporary exhibition space for the launch of Tim's brake van, B953944, on 15th October. It is planned to use the banana boxes (a pleasant surprise discovered inside the van) to help furnish the display.

The results of our efforts - much fresher than the previous stained and marked white-painted interior. If all goes to the plan, a couple of poster information display boards should be installed, and a slide show of images of the restoration of B953944 projected onto the end wall for the event.

I spent an hour or so at the end of the day rubbing down and applying the topcoat on the central section of the "Esso" tank. This vehicle can now be left for the winter months while we focus our efforts on a couple of goods vans.