Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Beginnings and Endings

Tim is pulling out all the stops to complete his BR 20T brake van in time for the steam gala on 10th/11th September. The exterior lettering is now complete, all that remains are a few interior jobs. It's been a long and difficult road but it just goes to show what is possible with enthusiasm and dedication when you consider it started out like this.

Detail of the chosen lettering scheme, with signwritten regional allocation. I understand this is an early paint scheme that was seen on these vehicles, but probably not this actual example due to its 1958 build date - near the end of the production run of these vans.

Allan has put the C1 Restriction and "TSO" lettering on the end of his BR Mk1 No.4466 and the end is very much in sight for this project too. Some paint and other relatively small jobs will see this coach ready for its running-in period.

An attempt has been made to clean the exterior of BR Mk1 No.4200, this is the coach that is heavily graffitied on one side (currently the publicly-visible side) as can be seen in the photo below:

Once cleaned up, the intention is to turn it on the turntable so the graffiti is hidden from our visitors whilst it awaits its turn for overhaul.

A small cleaning experiment has also been undertaken on the neighbouring disused Mk1 coaches. Whilst still in relatively poor condition, once cleaned up they shouldn't look too bad to visitors on passing trains.