Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Yet More "Foreign Stuff"

The tender lining and the Swedish State Railways (SJ) emblems have now been applied to 'B' Class 4-6-0 No.101. I have to say it looks rather smart!

101 basks in glorious November(!) sunshine.

Continuing the Swedish theme, last week a Swedish railcar touched down at Wansford - 1958-built SJ Class Y7 No.1212. This was once resident at NVR during the five year period 1984-89, so this is something of a homecoming (sort of)...

A press report from the Hartlepool Mail can be read here, including a picture of the railcar on a low loader beginning its journey.

Speaking of new arrivals, a companion vehicle has arrived for the TASC-45 machine, in the form of a special ballast hopper. A feature on the TASC-45 machine and its work on Wansford river bridge is to be included in the next issue of "Heritage Railway" magazine, in the shops from 22nd December. The current issue of the same magazine also contains an excellent four-page feature on the NVR's 'Santa Specials' - well worth a read, and good to see the NVR gaining wider publicity.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Carriage News

SNCB No. 21013 was shunted out from the Carriage and Wagon shed on Saturday, after completion of its body rebuild. It was added into the rake for the 'Santa Specials' and the other SNCB coaches in the set received an external clean.

BR Mk1 SK E25347 then took its place in the carriage shed, presumably for repairs and repainting of the roof as a minimum.

The side sheeting on LMS TPO M30272M continues to make impressive progress after a period in the doldrums. In my view this is one of the most interesting vehicles on the railway, and it is very pleasing to see its restoration move forward once again.

Elsewhere, Terry has made progress with the new roof covering on LMS coach No.18017, which is being converted into volunteer sleeping accommodation.

Finally, not a coach but a wagon; Tim and I worked on re-roofing one of the stores vans. Unfortunately we were not able to complete it by close of play, so this awaits our attention next time. Here we see the rotten roof partially demolished, exposing a nest of dozy wasps in the process!

The new roof sheets going on. There is still more to do on this, but we feel we've done the worst of the job and hope to complete it next time.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Wagon Group Update

A brief wagon news update is now available on the Wagon Group website:


Saturday, 12 November 2011

"Foreign Stuff"

Over recent weeks the IRPS has progressed with completing the cosmetic repaint of Swedish 'B' Class 4-6-0 No.101 into authentic Swedish State Railways ('SJ') livery. On my last visit, the headlamps were undergoing the process of making them operational which looks rather smart at night!

The freshly repainted tender, yet to be lined.

Red lining has now been added, and what appear to be authentic 'SJ' crests are going on the tender.

The interior panelling has gone back inside the eastern vestibule of Belgian coach No.21013, after complete replating.

Along with the electric tail lamps, the midnight blue Wagon-Lits Pullman livery (inauthentic for these coaches, but it does look rather good!) has now been applied to the eastern end...

...and the corridor connector and lettering has also gone on.

Reupholstery of the Belgian SNCB set is transforming the tired interior of these coaches. Meanwhile the DSB (green) set continues to deteriorate, and a bogie on 'driving trailer' coach No.1710 disintegrated the other week and requires repair work. Surprisingly, a number of the bogies on this set are constructed from timber, rather than steel as is usually used for carriage bogies.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wagon Group Update

The latest wagon news update is now available on the Wagon Group website: