Friday, 12 August 2011

Mk1s Emerge

The shunt to extract the out-of-use BR Mk1s from the tunnel for drying out and assessment for potential restoration went ahead as planned this week - today I got to see the results. The first coach in this line-up is Buffet coach No.1872, still in as-withdrawn BR "blue and grey" livery. Externally, this should clean up ok to improve its appearance before being restored.

Interior of No.1872, looking towards serving area. I love the retro 1950's diner-style ceiling in this vehicle - primrose yellow with chrome trim, and gorgeous 'flying saucer' ceiling lights.

The bar area of No.1872, don't ask what the magazine was about on the counter! Rather a bizarre find in a disused carriage...

Next in line is No.4627. Again, this can be cleaned externally relatively easily to improve its appearance before restoration commences.

No.4627 interior. Once restored, this could easily complement No.4686 and be used to serve at-seat dinners and cream teas.

Finally, we have No.4200, the former "Britannia Bar". Unfortunately it was attacked by vandals a few years ago and one side is plastered in graffiti.

A closer view of the damage, which covers the entire side of this vehicle.

The bar area in No.4200. This preservation-era modification is likely to be removed during the restoration, and replaced with the original seating bay layout giving a total of 64 seats.

Interior of No.4200, viewed from further up the carriage and showing its original layout. This is another vehicle that could complement No.4686, the 'club car', often used to serve meals and cream teas at special events.

We were also very pleased to see that space was left for a wagon or two under the bridge, as requested. Thanks John! The priority list has been drawn up and the first two vans will be brought to Wansford for attention as soon as possible.