Friday, 29 July 2011

Going green

Esso tank No.1914 at the start of the day, light surface rust has appeared over the last few weeks since the paint was stripped.

The needle-gunned area was wire-brushed, to remove the surface rust. The area was then degreased and green primer went on. The painting didn't take long, but the aforementioned preparation took most of the day! This is a view from the tank ladder as the primer was going on. Left to right, black topcoat (north side) feathered into black undercoat, green primer, wire-brushed and degreased bare metal. Note the state of the old paintwork/rust in the foreground!

Priming finished.

Current state of play of the tank: Green primer on one third of the south side; black undercoat and black topcoat to follow asap.

The other side: one third of the north side in first topcoat, which should protect it from the weather until I can replace the rotten timber baulks, whenever that might be.

Painting completed, an hour was spent needle-gunning the next, central section (bottom of the tank). As can be seen, an hour of needle-gunning doesn't go very far, which gives an idea of how long it has taken to do the work to date. I am aiming for the panel line which can be seen near the top of the tank as a natural break, when the painting process will begin once again.