Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wagon Progress

A full working day was spent up at Wansford yesterday; the photos below show some of the progress made.

The Esso tank received black undercoat over the green primer applied last week.

Now ready for a quick rub down and topcoat, before continuing with the next section.

The top half of the tunnel end of 'Vanfit' B759852 was wirebrushed, and green primer daubed over any bare metal.

Ian and Peter's Southern brake No.55550 continues to make progress, the cabin end undergoing panelling with new timber.

Elsewhere, Tim continued to make progress with his BR Standard 20 ton brake van, making a good start with fabricating a new vacuum brake linkage. In a quiet moment, Tim also helped me to stash away some wagon parts that were in potential danger of being scrapped.

A shunt is apparently arranged for next week, which may see some of the out-of-use BR Mk1 coaches brought out from the tunnel and moved on to the Carriage & Wagon siding for drying out and assessment for potential restoration. I expect they will be in quite a state, yet eminently repairable as parts and repair sections are relatively easy to get hold of. Photos after the shunt to follow asap...