Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wansford Site Roundup 25 Jan 2011

I called by Wansford this week hoping to spend a couple of hours getting the first layer of undercoat on Vanfit B759852. However the weather refused to play ball (very wet) and I had work to be getting on with elsewhere, so my visit became a quick visit instead to see progress around the site.

Dave has completed the refurbishment of the first platform bench and work continues on the restoration of a platform trolley.

The small platform outside the cafe is being prepared for the construction of a new canopy over the outdoor seating. The top surface of the platform has been removed as part of this.

The 'Kriegslok' 2-10-0 No.7173 is being smuggled back to the Continent piece by piece! The boiler went back several weeks ago, and now the chimney has been removed (in reality for clearance reasons when on the low loader, the 'Kriegslok' is a big loco. When it first arrived for use on the NVR, the track had to be moved over specially in the area of Lynch Farm Over Bridge for the loco to fit). The move is expected to happen next month, at which point the wider site should be reorganised at the same time.

The repaint of BPOT No.80456 from late Post Office Red into original BR Blue/Grey by the TPO Group continues. Rubbing back has been undertaken on the bodyside and the solebar has been primed.

Finally for this week, volunteers from the very pro-active 'Battle of Britain Locomotive Society' have been working extremely hard on Bulleid 4-6-2 34081 '92 Squadron', and the boiler was lifted from the chassis last week. The boiler is presently on the 'Weltrol' and will go away for overhaul. As an aside, I can thoroughly recommend the '92 Squadron Ale' which is excellent and is available in several local (Hertfordshire) specialised food and drink shops, as well as Tesco stores across the eastern region - it's well worth seeking out. Even better, the society receive a donation for every bottle or barrel sold.

Friday, 21 January 2011


Humble pie time for me this week... No sooner had I corrected 'The Railway Magazine' on the status and livery of '14029', I learned that BPOT 80456 was not to be outshopped in early Post Office Red as expected and reported in 'Nene Steam', but BR Blue & Grey! I'm very pleased for this last-minute decision, as the carriage will now emerge in a livery appropriate for its condition and age (1968) and will offer something different to the impressive PO Red rake at the GCR. 'Type 4' D306 in its 'transition' livery will look particulary good with these coaches in tow.

However '14029' (D9529) will still emerge in BR Blue!

The privately owned Southern Railway brakevan has come up to Wansford yard from Peterborough for restoration work to be undertaken. The buffers have been put back on and the rust explosion on the solebar has been repaired. The new steelwork has been painted in green primer as seen on the left-hand side of the photo.

The 'Lowmac' has been emptied of the canopy supports that it has carried for some years. These are now being cleaned up, hopefully for re-use in construction of a new canopy outsite the cafe.

I spent a little time painting the bare timber patches of 'Vanfit' B759852 with white primer (in the best tradition of Airfix kits, I got some on my best jumper). It is now ready for undercoat.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates recently, my personal workload continues to be extremely restrictive and occupies all my waking hours at the moment. However I had a chance yesterday to take a quick break and call in to Wansford.

Page 81 of the February 2011 issue of 'The Railway Magazine' contains a news item that states Class 14 D9529/'14029' has been repainted into BR Green livery. This report is not quite accurate, firstly the maintenance and repaint is not yet completed, secondly, the paint going on is BR Blue!

'14029' as delivered to the NVR for maintenance/repaint - June 2010.

As above.

Undergoing maintenance/beginning of repaint in the small loco shed, December 2010.

Moved into the Heavy Overhaul Workshop where work continues (January 11th 2011). Definitely BR Blue!

Work continues to prepare BPOT 80456 for painting into early Post Office Red.

As above.

Finally, 'Thomas' has come into the C&W shed for his long-promised coat of paint.

Rubbing down continues.