Tuesday, 24 August 2010

TASC 45 Machine

The TASC 45 is a specialised Civil Engineering vehicle. It was bought in vandalised and run-down condition, so since arrival on the NVR its damaged electrical and mechanical systems have been undergoing extensive restoration to bring the machine back to working order. A good picture of its previous condition (taken in 2005 and not my photo) can be found here.

New paint is now going on, so it seems that the end of repair work is finally in sight. The livery is original BR yellow with light blue roof, and the machine will be an invaluable tool for the Civil Engineers department - especially as it is fitted with a tea boiler!

Photo taken in June(!) this year, painting was under way. The hydraulic arm will certainly come in useful for various jobs around the railway.

A view of the cab end in the shed last week.

The tipper body has been repainted to match the new paintwork on the rest of the vehicle. It will be good to see this moved from its current location and back where it belongs. The 'ESSO' tank wagon needs to live in the yard as it is used for regular loco boiler washouts - it could do with some (mostly cosmetic) TLC - any volunteers? The diesel shunter ('Barabel') is undergoing continued restoration to original Oxfordshire Ironstone Company appearance and maroon livery.

From tomorrow I will be away for a few days, but I hope to get up to Wansford again very soon and will post another update asap!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

SNCB 21013 - Update 17

Sanding back the old paintwork on the north side continues.

A closer view.

The new step boards are looking nearly complete.

The bogie bolster for privately-owned Gresley LNER TK coach No.61634 was reassembled, requiring compression of the springs to put various links and tie bars together...

...and then lowered onto the bogie with the aid of the forklift. This bogie requires further needle-gunning and painting to the remaining half, and some mechanical work. The other bogie is complete.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Good(s) Van Progress

I continued to make progress on Vanfit B759852 today. The remaining stub of rotten plank came out fairly easily this time (in many pieces) thanks to drastic surgery with a drill, hammer, and leverage from a screwdriver. Hopefully the next panel will be quicker and easier than this one, which in turn was quicker and easier than the one before that.

Below are some views of work in progress:

Remains of old plank removed (top right), new replacement bolted into place, and internal boards that had fallen off reattached. I have also wire brushed and painted metalwork where required on this panel with green primer.

The bare timber was given a coat of white wood primer.

Close of play, the top half of the van on this side is now ready for undercoat, followed by topcoat. Livery will be BR bauxite as before.

I began to make a small start on the next project, a repaint of BR 'Palvan' B778810 which is to go in the demonstration goods train, by scraping off some of the loose paint. I intend to switch between these two vans when paint is drying on either vehicle. On this occasion I didn't get very far, as I decided to help out with the Gresley carriage instead. More on that next time...

Monday, 16 August 2010

SNCB 21013 - Update 16

The remaining gap seen on the last update has now been sheeted over. Bolts are being installed, as is the mid-level cover strip. Filler and primer are being added where necessary, particularly over the panel joints.

General view along the coach, viewed from the eastern end. I am told the cream paintwork on this side is in much better condition than it was on the other side, and unlike that side, will not need to be completely removed by labour intensive and time consuming needle-gunning. This coach isn't too far from completion - very impressive considering the roof has been substantially repaired and painted, and the two body sides replaced with new metal (with one side repainted so far) since the coach was brought into the workshop in January 2010. The C&W staff initially expected to repair only one side and the roof before releasing it for the December 'Santa Specials', then bringing it back in to do the other side in January 2011. It now seems that this coach will be fully completed in good time (November 2010?) and something else can be brought into the workshop. I hear that an operational Mk1 brake needs overdue attention to bodywork, so perhaps that will be next - watch this space nearer the time!

Friday, 13 August 2010

A day of two halves

A mixed day today on Vanfit B759852, best summed up by a great morning of progress followed by a frustrating afternoon with little achieved. The plan today was to replace the two planks in the top right-hand panel, and paint the bare metal bolts and wood with primer. In the event, I didn't even manage to get the second plank out despite my best efforts.

Meet 'The Persuaders' - invaluable tools for this job.

The first plank starts to slide out with a bit of leverage and bashing it with a hammer.

First plank halfway out, I was now able to grab it and wriggle it free - hooray!

The first plank removed and propped up against the scaffolding. It can be seen I left the interior 'second skin' in situ this time round.

The new board was cut, shaped, inserted, and fully bolted in place with little trouble. Lunch time!

Oh dear - things aren't going so well. This is the result of two or more hours spent on sliding the second plank out by about four inches, fighting for every millimeter. The wood was too soft and kept disintegrating when I tried to get a hold of it. In the end I lost patience and smashed it up with a big hammer - obviously with the intention of shortening the plank and therefore reducing the amount of friction acting upon it...

Close of play, I need to find a way of removing the remaining half of the broken plank next time. I suspect I'll need to somehow split the plank and also remove as much of the interior skin as possible - not easy when the van is chock full of stuff that is too heavy to shift. Mind you, half the interior planks eventually fell off due to the repeated heavy hammer blows. Frustratingly, I still have no idea why this plank is so firmly wedged in place!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Update soon...

Just to let any regular readers know, I wasn't able to get to Wansford last week as planned, but I'm hoping to have a session up there later this week. Therefore an update on here should appear in a few days or so.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Out and about at Wansford last week

Corby Quarries No.45 (BR Class 14 D9520) was hauling service trains last Thursday.

Routemaster RM2213 (CUV 213C) was parked up at Wansford, alongside the 'Kriegslok'. This lovely bus was attracting quite a bit of attention and is owned by a NVR member, although in this photo the 'RM' and 'Kriegslok' seem to be studiously ignoring each other! The 'Kriegslok' is apparently due to leave the NVR for Belgium in September (sadly for spares). On the positive side, its departure allows this key part of the site to be tidied and reorganised.

This note in the rear window of RM2213 gives a useful summary of its life so far.

Several vehicles that had been stored in the cutting had been brought down to the station, including the French 'Nord' coach. This carriage is quite special, being an early example of 'Monocoque' construction, but unfortunately it is sitting out of use and will deteriorate further without intervention. I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos of the interior, and was very disappointed to see evidence of probable habitation by Pigeons. I hope the will is there to secure this vehicle???

Along with the 'Nord' coach above and Norwegian balcony-ended coach, this BR 'Palvan' (B778810) had also been brought down from the cutting. I have been pestering the staff about this wagon for some time. All it needs is a clean and repaint and it'll be good as new, and will run in the BR steam-era goods train that I am hoping to build up at the railway. Work on it should start fairly soon. The axleboxes have already been inspected, cleaned out and topped up.

SNCB 21013 - Update 15

Two-thirds of the bodyside panels on the north side have been fixed in place with new bolts, replacing the previous rivets - the final result will look the same however. Window sills and body panel joins have seen attention with the application of filler and green primer as necessary.

The internal framework is cleaned and ready for painting.

Progress was made throughout the day on painting the remaining exposed framework gloss black, to help protect the frame from corrosion. The painting was finished shortly after this photo was taken.