Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wagon Roundup

Tim's gorgeous brake van, the body built from scratch, emerged from the shed...

...and was given a test run through the tunnel to Yarwell Junction and back. It rides very smoothly and is extremely solid and well put together, as well as looking absolutely stunning. I was extremely privileged to be invited to be a passenger on this run, which made my day! There are several bits to finish off however, but the end is very definitely in sight. Congratulations to Tim and his helpers during the last four years, this really is an incredible piece of work.

Much less impressive, but progress nonetheless, is Esso tank No.1914 which has seen its first coat of black topcoat. The wire brush/green primer/black undercoat/black topcoat process needs to be repeated on the other side, then the first third of the tank is done!

Viewed from the footbridge.

Some BR 'Freight Brown' topcoat was also applied to the lower half of the tunnel end of Vanfit B759852. Progress was also made on another project, which I hope to properly reveal at a later date...!

I am now on holiday for a few days, regular updates will resume shortly.