Friday, 22 July 2011

Mk1 TSO 4466

This photo is a little out of date (taken about three weeks ago), but the restoration of Allan's Mk1 coach No.4466 is making good progress and looking glorious in BR maroon. I believe Allan and his small team are aiming for completion later this year, which would give us seven operational BR Mk1 coaches for the first time in many years, once E25639 has received its 'new' bogies.

It may come as a surprise to many that there are 14 BR Mk1 coaches on the railway (not including the TPOs) so there is definitely the potential to build up a second rake of Mk1s from currently out-of-use resident stock. Indeed, the very poor condition of the green DSB coaches (all requiring an extremely expensive, complete rebuild due to their rotten floors in particular) may force the issue sooner rather than later.

BR Mk1 No.4466

Built by: BRCW, 1956
Diagram number: 93
Lot number: 30226
Type: TSO

Preserved 1986 by Scottish Railway Preservation Society. At Falkirk till 1988, Perth till 1991, then Bo'ness. Poor order, stored, underframe incomplete (as of 2006). To Nene Valley in October 2005 and now undergoing major overhaul.

Information from the Vintage Carriage Database, by the Vintage Carriages Trust.