Tuesday, 5 July 2011

On the wagon

The first black undercoat has gone on Esso tank No.1914, giving an idea of what the new black paint will look like. Quite a difference when compared to the old peeling paint on adjacent sections of the tank.

Needle-gunning continued on the other side of this section, which is now ready for wirebrushing and green primer.

The lower section of the tunnel end of 'Vanfit' B759852 was quickly wire-brushed, and green primer dabbed on the cleaned-up rust spots. The restoration of this wagon is never going to win any awards, but for a static van it is good enough!

A group of volunteers have been continuing with the restoration of Southern Railway brake van No.55550. This was the view last week, when the scrap metal forming the ballast weight was temporarily removed.

Since the previous photo, the bare bones of the second new verandah are beginning to take shape. The steel corner posts have also been needle-gunned and primed.