Monday, 28 February 2011

More from last week...

Sadly I am unlikely to be able to get up to the railway this week, so to reduce the time period between updates, here are a few more photos from my visit last week.

The two scruffiest locomotives on site, DB 2-6-2T No.64.305 and
0-6-0ST No.1539 'Derek Crouch' (behind the scaffolding), now find themselves at the far end of the former loco siding beyond the yard gate. Hopefully in time these two can be tidied up but it is not a priority at the moment, especially with limited manpower available - we desperately need more volunteers please! In the foreground is CIWL Sleeping Car No.3916, undergoing active restoration, and forming the tail end of the 'Nord Express' line-up now occupying the public part of this siding. Eventually it is planned to allow public access to these coaches.

Work to Southern brake van No.55550 continues in the yard, the new timber verandah has been painted. If work continues at this impressive rate, in the fairly near future we may go from one operational brake van, to three! (Tim's brake van in the shed is a few months away from completion).

The restoration of the platform trolley continues in the workshop, a host of small metalwork parts to go on it have already been cleaned and painted.

That's probably it for now, hopefully I can get some fresh pictures early next week.