Thursday, 10 February 2011

Carriage & Wagon

Sadly my enforced absence from proper volunteering continues (too much work on), but I was pleased to see that the south side of 'Vanfit' B759852 has been painted in undercoat whilst I have been away. It now looks reminiscent of the white 'meat van' conversion recently undertaken at the Mid-Hants Railway!

Alternative view. Apologies for the the quality of the photos, a rake of coaches was in the way today.

Work on restoring privately-owned Southern Railway brake van No.55550 continues. The repaired solebar area has now been painted underframe black and the verandah has been reconstructed and primed. It's lovely to see more wagons given the attention they deserve.

A set of spare bogies have been loaded with the crane and brought up to Wansford, appropriately enough on the 'Bogie Bolster C'. These are to be overhauled and put under BR Mk1 No.25639, which has been temporarily removed from service due to worn flanges/tyres.