Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Flying Visit 1st Feb 2011

A few visible changes on site since my visit last week, but as I didn't have much time to hang around today I'm in the dark as to what's actually going on...

The top deck of the former 'Education Building' has gone! Personally I'm hoping for good, as it really was a bizarre eyesore in a very public part of the site. Presumably better accommodation has been found for the NVR's education groups. Will the remaining lower portion disappear too? Fingers crossed!

BR Mk1 SO No.4794 'Christabel' has moved down from the damp cutting where it has been stored for the last few years, and temporarily into Wansford station. I'm not quite sure what the plan is for this coach now, there were plans being formulated to restore it but these seem to have gone quiet recently. The bodywork doesn't appear to be in particularly good condition upon cursory inspection (and no, I'm not just looking at the paint!) but it is still eminently restorable and I'm hoping the project hasn't died a death.

Elsewhere on site...

Corby Quarries No.22/London Transport No. DL83 (Rolls-Royce Sentinel 0-6-0 diesel-hydraulic shunter, works No.10271, built 1967) has had it's engine removed for replacement with a reconditioned power unit. The marvellous reconstruction of BR standard 20T brake van No.B953944 has joined No.22/DL83 in the workshop, moved from its previous location in the shed.

The platform barrow in the C&W shed continues it's renaissance, the timber work is becoming trolley-shaped (restored metal parts still to be fitted) and is painted in white primer.

The Southern Railway TPO No.4920 was undergoing an attempt to clean up the existing shabby 'grey' paintwork. The sections that had been done looked considerably greener and more appealing than the rest of the coach!