Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Departure time approaches...

In the last few days, preparations have begun at Wansford to extract the 'Kriegslok' 2-10-0 for shipment to its new home back on the Continent. I must admit that I had expected it to be gone already, however it soon became apparent that I had misunderstood the arrangements and that it should be leaving in a few weeks time (early/mid March). Apologies for any confusion caused by your
dim-witted scribe!

As part of the preparations for the move, the Wagon-Lits Dining Car No.2975 has been pulled out from its previous location next to the TPO bookshop carriage. This is rather a fine vehicle but is currently in a poor state - the IRPS are aiming to restore this carriage when they've completed the restoration of Wagon-Lits Sleeping Car No.3916. When the 'Kriegslok' leaves, creating a bit of space, these two coaches will be coupled together behind the Swedish 'B' Class
4-6-0 as a representation of the 'Nord Express'.

BR Mk1 SO No.4794 ('Christabel') is now in the space vacated by the Wagon-Lits Dining Car.

Further down the same siding, semi-restored 'Vanfit' B759852 sports its new undercoat. Definitely not painting weather today! The shorter length of 'Christabel' compared to the Wagon-Lits Dining Car means that these four vans have moved towards the station slightly.

The SR TPO No.4920 shows the result of cleaning/T-Cutting in an effort to make it more presentable. Certainly an improvement when compared to the doors and panels on the right-hand side which have not yet been attended to. The high-level windows are in store, being repaired.