Friday, 17 December 2010

Workshop Overhaul

The new overhead gantry is undergoing installation, with some other bits still to add, such as hand-rails and walkway spans to the ends. This gantry can be swung up and out of the way quite quickly, unlike the previous scaffold towers that took a lot of time to set up each time they were needed. The railway is indebted to volunteer Andy, who has made this long-desired piece of equipment a reality.

The BR Mk1 coach in the background of the above shot is 4466 - owned, and being restored by, a very supportive working member of the railway - which has come into the shed over the Christmas period for roof repairs. I believe the intention is for this one to emerge in BR Maroon, and its restoration will hopefully lead on to the creation of a second rake of Mk1s at the railway. I am unsure how close this coach is to completion, but it is clear that a lot of work has been carried out on the bodywork over the last few years.

We also have a new carpentry area shaping up nicely in a corner, which I may find useful when I can get back to wagon work...

Moving 4466 into the C&W shed has freed up a little space in the siding outside. The maroon LMS coach (BCK 18017) nearest the camera is due to be moved into the main yard at Wansford to have corridor connections reinstated (for cosmetic purposes; internally the coach is being converted into overnight volunteer accommodation). I've no idea what is happening with the Class 56 Diesel under the bridge - it could be a source of spares for other Class 56's that operate on the mainline but I could be wrong on this. I believe the BR Green DMU car that is next in line is still undergoing rectification work to eventually bring it into passenger use, and the 'blood and custard' Mk1 bringing up the rear (E25639 if I remember correctly) was a serviceable coach until recently, but the flanges are worn out so is now out of use. The plan is to bring some spare Mk1 bogies into the yard/workshop early in the new year for overhaul, then put them under this coach to get it back into service as soon as possible.

I am hoping to take advantage of this general move around of stock, and reserve a slot on this siding for wagon restoration work - it is ideally located for proximity to C&W tools and equipment, power supply etc - but we are rather pressured for space at Wansford so I will have to wait and see what happens.