Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Flying Visit 3 - 7th Dec 2010

I called in very briefly to a sub-zero Wansford this week, and found 'King Haakon 7' and 'Thomas' being warmed up in the yard. 'King Haakon 7' seen here (if you squint a bit) is a lovely little Norwegian 2-6-0, and at her (or should that be 'his'?) usual Bressingham home only runs on a short demonstration line. Being a Continental locomotive, the NVR is the only railway of any length it can run on in the UK. (Continental stock, which is larger than UK stock, will not fit through many UK platforms and bridges).

During my brief visit I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gordon has made a little progress on 'Vanfit' B759852 over the last few weeks during my absence - pictures and report to follow shortly. I have not been able to properly volunteer for a couple of months now, but am hoping to put in a few hours work at Christmas. Hopefully the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment will ease up a bit by then, as the freezing temperatures are no good for painting jobs.