Friday, 17 December 2010

Great News!

Further to previous postings, I am very pleased to hear that the new owner of the 'Toby'/Y6 Tram loco is a keen NVR supporter and working member and wishes to keep the engine on the railway.

This is great news, and with a little imagination in how it is used it could be a real asset at the railway. Thomas on the 'main line' and Toby up to Yarwell? Hiring in the always unusual, now unique, surviving Wisbech & Upwell coach (number 7, built 1884) from the North Norfolk Railway for a special event? An authentic short goods train photo charter with a couple of general open wagons and vans? An unusual 'Driver Experience'?

Although it has a vertical boiler and outside cylinders (unlike the real 'Y6's), the bodywork and side skirts will hide these internal details. The engines frames (chassis) have already been rebuilt and extended, presumeably to 'Y6' dimensions, which offers a unique opportunity to recreate one of these lost locomotives in appearance at least.