Thursday, 23 December 2010

Out and about at Wansford - in daylight!

NSB (Norwegian State Railways) 2-6-0 No.377, 'King Haakon 7'. This attractive engine is on loan from Bressingham during the 'Santa' season whilst our other steam locos on site undergo essential repairs. I believe the brown diesel shunter behind, English Electric 0-4-0 D1123 'Muriel', is undergoing investigative work by volunteers in order to fix an oil leak.

SNCB No.21013 also in daylight and out of the shed. It should be coming back into the shed in the New Year for further attention to the end vestibules, which aren't too bad and were deliberately left in order to get the coach serviceable for the 'Santa' trains.

Now the LMS steam crane has been completed, a TPO coach (I think it is brake tender vehicle No.80456) has taken up residence in the Heavy Overhaul Workshop. The old paint is being stripped off to reveal quite severe corrosion in several places. The new livery is to be early Post Office red, although the coaches are in post-1963 (Great Train Robbery) condition with small bodyside windows, and most of our examples weren't built until the late 1960s anyway - when they would have been painted in the then current blue and grey livery.

A view of the other side. In the foreground can be seen the steps which are intended to lead to a first-floor viewing gallery in this workshop at some point in the future.

A close up of some of the corrosion on the end of the carriage. There are also holes around the bodyside windows.

Finally for now, I would like to wish all readers, volunteers, staff, and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!