Sunday, 7 November 2010

SNCB 21013 - Update 21

The painting, lettering and lining seems to be complete on Belgian K1A 21013, and the scaffolding has been dismantled.

New holes have been drilled in the pristine bodyside...

...for the new 'CIWL' crests. Previously the CIWL crest was carried as a flat transfer, this casting will look infinitely better.

This CIWL 'Pullman' livery is not authentic for these coaches, but there is no denying it looks very smart. These coaches form the First Class accommodation for the 'Santa Specials'. You have to pay a little more, but I would recommend the upgrade - the SNCBs have lovely interiors whereas it has to be said that the DSB coaches used for Third Class are not the best on the railway.