Friday, 19 November 2010

Flying Visit 2 - 16th Nov 2010

I called into Wansford on Tuesday to see how things were going, as I was passing by on the A1. However the light was fading fast so these photos are for the record only!

The LMS steam crane had been pulled out of the shed and the jib left in the raised position. Looking good! The next day the crane was steamed, and used to transfer the spare 'Kriegslok' boiler from the ground where it has sat for several years, onto an adjacent 'Weltrol' wagon. Some pictures of the lift can be seen here, on the official NVR Gallery page.

I was disappointed to see that the Fowler '4F' No.44422 had left the railway (the tender remaining as seen here), but asking around it has apparently only left temporarily to have some specialist work done. I believe this engine will now be staying at the NVR for the 2011 season which is great news, although I have not heard any official confirmation of this yet - fingers crossed all is ok. 44422 is very much appreciated on the NVR, it is an ideal size for our operational requirements and the type is historically accurate for our ex-LNWR/LMS line.

I was very pleased to see some planters in the process of being painted up, presumably to be interspersed with platform benches at Wansford station when they are finished. At the other end of the platform, the strings of Christmas lights were going up along with other preparations for the 'Santa Specials'. The first 'Santa' train is running on Sunday 28th November and it is good to see that First Class in particular is filling up nicely.

The parcels/luggage trolley with end rails has seen further work, including lettering.

The trolley seen in white primer whilst under construction in a previous posting has now been assembled and painted up. One of the platform benches has also been brought in for some TLC, the end/middle supports can be seen here in green primer. The cast CIWL crests have also been applied to SNCB 21013...

...the coach now looks like this, the destination boards and other small details have been added to the bodyside.