Monday, 15 November 2010

LMS Steam Crane - Nearly There...

The LMS steam crane is now very close to completion - I believe it passed its steam test a few weeks ago. It is a shame that it will have to live outdoors as the paint finish is immaculate. Congratulations to all the volunteers and staff who have spent the last couple of years working on this project, the finished article is a credit to you.

A view of the match truck undergoing painting. The solebar and everything below it is black this time, previously these parts were red. The new shade of red is apparently a very close match to the original red paint discovered during the overhaul.

An overall view of the crane, almost ready to go. A beautiful machine, and useful too.

To whet the appetite, here are a couple of shots of the crane in action in 2007, before the overhaul began:

The crane being shunted at Wansford by former resident B1 4-6-0 61306.

Crossing Wansford river bridge in charge of 'Type 1' (Class 20) D8137, which was visiting from the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.