Sunday, 7 November 2010

Absolutely Trolleyed

The good news is that the NVR has started employing a part-time worker who is helping to restore the platform trolleys amongst other things. Hopefully this will mean that at least some of the currently very tatty platform furniture will be restored, which will really improve the appearance of the stations on the railway.

The bad news is that the trolleys come into the workshop like this...

Oh dear! The trolley 'in-tray', to which I added another from the platform.

However, as our volunteer Andy has proved, the timber bodies can be rebuilt and the metalwork restored. The last time I saw him, he was working on this trolley with end rails (featured earlier in this blog) which is now well on the road to completion.

Another completed trolley ready to roll.

Our new worker Dave is progressing the next trolley - there has been quite an output of overhauled trolleys over the last couple of years!

There are at least two more in the 'in tray', and there may well be others hidden away which need work. It is great to see these smaller items get the attention they deserve, and I hope secure winter storage space can be found to spare them the worst of the weather.