Tuesday, 12 October 2010

White with green spots

I've not been very well recently, but the title refers to Vanfit B759852, not me! Despite my lack of time at the moment, as a birthday treat I managed to call in at Wansford today for an hour or so as I was passing. The time was used for a look around the C&W shed (more of which at some point in the next few days), and painting the bare boards and exposed metal on the Vanfit with primer to help protect them over the coming autumn and winter months.

As the van has been for the last few weeks...

...and today, after a quick rub-down and coat of white primer on the bare planks.

I can't wait to give the van a uniform colour, even undercoat, but it looks like this will have to wait a while yet.

Today I also had the pleasure of meeting Martin, a volunteer in the Booking Office and Travelling Ticket Inspector who was undertaking a photoshoot nearby. His excellent, usually very amusing, blog can be read here.