Saturday, 30 October 2010

BBC iPlayer Link - More on Monday!

Further to previous posts, Wansford level crossing (complete with 'boarded up' signal box and fake half barriers and warning lights, in case you thought NVR had really let things go recently!) featured on Eastenders last night. Some of the footage forms the last five minutes from about 24min 20secs on BBC iPlayer.

So it seems we will have to wait until Monday for 31108's star turn!

I wasn't there for the filming on the second day, so I've no idea if a collision occurs or is avoided in the nick of time...

PS Also just found this preview of Monday's episode, including clip. How exciting!

Ironically at exactly the same time last night, 'Octopussy' was being shown on ITV4, which shows a fairly undeveloped (although obviously dressed up) NVR in about 1982. Particularly noticeable (well, to me anyway) in that film is the absence of the C&W shed, which I believe was constructed with at least some of the proceeds from the six weeks of filming. Danish 'S' Class 2-6-4T No.740, which hauls the circus train, left the railway around 1995 - appropriately bound for a new home in Denmark. However the other vehicles forming the circus train are still dotted about around the railway (one of the LMS CCTs can be seen in the background of this Eastenders episode, although its current condition leaves a lot to be desired). The Swedish 'B' Class No.101, still at the railway and currently being cosmetically restored, had the honour of sending the Mercedes flying off the bridge and into the Nene. No locomotives came to any harm (although sadly, several rather tasty Mercedes saloons did), as the cars were flung with an air cannon and clever camera angles did the rest. Some fascinating pictures of the Octopussy filming can be found here.