Saturday, 16 October 2010

SNCB 21013 - Update 20

A big visual difference over the last few weeks - the painting of the topcoats on the north bodyside of SNCB 21013 is complete, and the lining is under way. The coach is beginning to look very smart, with the shabby, rusted bodywork undergoing drastic but necessary surgery since January 2010.

The lining is complete on the south side, and the south-eastern end vestibule doors seen here have been needle-gunned and painted.

Several new step boards have been made and fitted to the coach. The end vestibules are yet to be refurbished, apart from the south-eastern corner mentioned earlier.

When 21013 comes out of the workshop, intended to be in time for use on the 'Santa Specials', there should be an opportunity to install a new gantry walkway system in the C&W shed. This has been devised (and already largely constructed in kit form) to allow work on carriage roofs without erecting scaffolding. This should save a surprising amount of C&W staff time in the medium to long term. If all goes to plan, 'Thomas' should then come into the C&W shed for a much-needed repaint after Christmas - he must have been a good engine and pleased the Wansford Controller. After that, I have no idea what the next project will be for the C&W staff but I will be very interested to find out nearer the time!