Thursday, 21 October 2010

Continental Stock Progress

The roof hoops of the Swedish 'B' Class No.101 have been painted black as its cosmetic restoration continues. This part of the yard will be reorganised when the 'Kriegslok' 2-10-0 leaves the NVR, but I'm not sure when this will be. A major shunt will be required to release it so there should be a bit of advance notice before the move.

The CIWL sleeping coach, No.3916, has seen the completion of extensive welded repairs to the sidesheets and blue undercoat is spreading along the bodyside.

Inside the C&W shed, the lining has been completed on SNCB 21013, and the lettering has also been added. Nearly ready!

Elsewhere in the yard, SNCB coaches 23009 and 21033 have returned from their recent filming contract, and an attempt was being made to wash off emulsion paint used by the film makers to weather the coaches. Hopefully this effort has been successful.