Tuesday, 24 August 2010

TASC 45 Machine

The TASC 45 is a specialised Civil Engineering vehicle. It was bought in vandalised and run-down condition, so since arrival on the NVR its damaged electrical and mechanical systems have been undergoing extensive restoration to bring the machine back to working order. A good picture of its previous condition (taken in 2005 and not my photo) can be found here.

New paint is now going on, so it seems that the end of repair work is finally in sight. The livery is original BR yellow with light blue roof, and the machine will be an invaluable tool for the Civil Engineers department - especially as it is fitted with a tea boiler!

Photo taken in June(!) this year, painting was under way. The hydraulic arm will certainly come in useful for various jobs around the railway.

A view of the cab end in the shed last week.

The tipper body has been repainted to match the new paintwork on the rest of the vehicle. It will be good to see this moved from its current location and back where it belongs. The 'ESSO' tank wagon needs to live in the yard as it is used for regular loco boiler washouts - it could do with some (mostly cosmetic) TLC - any volunteers? The diesel shunter ('Barabel') is undergoing continued restoration to original Oxfordshire Ironstone Company appearance and maroon livery.

From tomorrow I will be away for a few days, but I hope to get up to Wansford again very soon and will post another update asap!