Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Out and about at Wansford last week

Corby Quarries No.45 (BR Class 14 D9520) was hauling service trains last Thursday.

Routemaster RM2213 (CUV 213C) was parked up at Wansford, alongside the 'Kriegslok'. This lovely bus was attracting quite a bit of attention and is owned by a NVR member, although in this photo the 'RM' and 'Kriegslok' seem to be studiously ignoring each other! The 'Kriegslok' is apparently due to leave the NVR for Belgium in September (sadly for spares). On the positive side, its departure allows this key part of the site to be tidied and reorganised.

This note in the rear window of RM2213 gives a useful summary of its life so far.

Several vehicles that had been stored in the cutting had been brought down to the station, including the French 'Nord' coach. This carriage is quite special, being an early example of 'Monocoque' construction, but unfortunately it is sitting out of use and will deteriorate further without intervention. I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos of the interior, and was very disappointed to see evidence of probable habitation by Pigeons. I hope the will is there to secure this vehicle???

Along with the 'Nord' coach above and Norwegian balcony-ended coach, this BR 'Palvan' (B778810) had also been brought down from the cutting. I have been pestering the staff about this wagon for some time. All it needs is a clean and repaint and it'll be good as new, and will run in the BR steam-era goods train that I am hoping to build up at the railway. Work on it should start fairly soon. The axleboxes have already been inspected, cleaned out and topped up.