Monday, 16 August 2010

SNCB 21013 - Update 16

The remaining gap seen on the last update has now been sheeted over. Bolts are being installed, as is the mid-level cover strip. Filler and primer are being added where necessary, particularly over the panel joints.

General view along the coach, viewed from the eastern end. I am told the cream paintwork on this side is in much better condition than it was on the other side, and unlike that side, will not need to be completely removed by labour intensive and time consuming needle-gunning. This coach isn't too far from completion - very impressive considering the roof has been substantially repaired and painted, and the two body sides replaced with new metal (with one side repainted so far) since the coach was brought into the workshop in January 2010. The C&W staff initially expected to repair only one side and the roof before releasing it for the December 'Santa Specials', then bringing it back in to do the other side in January 2011. It now seems that this coach will be fully completed in good time (November 2010?) and something else can be brought into the workshop. I hear that an operational Mk1 brake needs overdue attention to bodywork, so perhaps that will be next - watch this space nearer the time!