Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Good(s) Van Progress

I continued to make progress on Vanfit B759852 today. The remaining stub of rotten plank came out fairly easily this time (in many pieces) thanks to drastic surgery with a drill, hammer, and leverage from a screwdriver. Hopefully the next panel will be quicker and easier than this one, which in turn was quicker and easier than the one before that.

Below are some views of work in progress:

Remains of old plank removed (top right), new replacement bolted into place, and internal boards that had fallen off reattached. I have also wire brushed and painted metalwork where required on this panel with green primer.

The bare timber was given a coat of white wood primer.

Close of play, the top half of the van on this side is now ready for undercoat, followed by topcoat. Livery will be BR bauxite as before.

I began to make a small start on the next project, a repaint of BR 'Palvan' B778810 which is to go in the demonstration goods train, by scraping off some of the loose paint. I intend to switch between these two vans when paint is drying on either vehicle. On this occasion I didn't get very far, as I decided to help out with the Gresley carriage instead. More on that next time...