Monday, 5 July 2010

Update soon...

I'm now back safely after a few days away. However, it seems that my next visit to the railway will be later this week than I originally intended, due to other commitments. I will try to post a C&W update after a working session at Wansford in the next few days though!

A lot is going on this coming weekend, 10th/11th July. On the evening of the 10th is the 'Wansford Fryer' fish and chip special. This event has now sold out but according to the NVR website seats are still available in the rest of the train, so you can come for the ride albeit missing out on the fish and chips.

The whole weekend sees the railway play host to a 'Vintage Weekend' which sees traction engines, vintage vehicles, and various other interesting things pay a visit. On Sunday 11th July, a classic bus rally will be held at nearby Sacrewell Farm. A vintage bus service will link Wansford NVR station to the bus rally at Sacrewell.

If all this wasn't enough, the same weekend sees the railway stage a 'Rail Mail' event, boasting TPO drops and collections from two lineside locations, a rare opportunity to examine the 1885 GNR TPO body in the yard (this is normally kept under a tarpaulin in the tunnel), and short trips on the TPO train to the exchange sites. I wasn't planning on going to Wansford this weekend but I am now sorely tempted - it promises to be an exciting weekend!