Sunday, 11 July 2010

Demolition Van

Repair work continued on stores Vanfit B759852 this week. I arrived at Wansford a couple of hours later than usual, so didn't have a lot of time to get much done. However, I managed to get the old planks out, cut and shape the replacement boards, and temporarily fix them in place to keep the van weathertight. More work is required next time to finish off them off.

State of play at the start of the day, just a single internal plank keeping the top panel in place.

The last plank was removed and the panel pretty much collapsed as expected.

External view showing the temporary cattle truck conversion!

Old and replacement planks side by side, cut and ready to be installed.

The replacement planks in place, yet to be permanently fixed.

This exercise has been very instructive, as I have now had an idea for a work method that will hopefully allow me to remove defective planks individually and without stripping the interior. This would mean replacement of the odd plank here and there will be much quicker and easier. Fingers crossed it'll work, because there are plenty of random split/rotten planks in the other panels yet to do!