Thursday, 10 June 2010

So much for plans...

The first fly in the ointment today was me forgetting my camera, so all pictures are taken on my phone! I had my stencils all cut out and ready, I just needed the wagon to be present and the rain to hold off. At first I thought the Lowmac had been taken from the yard as it wasn't where I had last left it. Eventually I found it hiding away on another siding so I set about applying the first stencil.

The next setback was the lack of any aerosol paint to lightly spray over the stencil, so I had to stipple paint on with a brush.

Fortunately, once the stencil was removed I had managed to achieve quite a good clean outline.

The stencilled lettering was then painted over properly with the brush. Not a bad result!

During the entire operation the weather also decided to throw a spanner in the works, constant drizzle being the order of the day. Everything started to get too wet so I called an end to the painting for today. However later in the afternoon I did manage to apply the lettering with the second stencil on the other side, I shall overpaint it when I get a good opportunity.

I shall paint the bits of the wagon that I left previously, another time. It should look quite smart when it's finished. The Civils train has seen quite a bit of attention lately - today I noticed that somebody has smartened up the Civils box van over the last few weeks/months(?) with some fresh Bauxite paint and it is looking much better, even with the doors still to complete: