Sunday, 13 June 2010

LMS 40T Steam Crane MP3

The ex-LMS steam crane is undergoing an extremely thorough overhaul in the new workshop. According to the latest issue of 'Nene Steam' (Issue 97, Spring 2010), "The hornguides have been renovated, the axleboxes, bearings and slippers refitted, and the crane lowered onto its wheels...the tail end bogie has been re-assembled and the painting completed. The jib-end bogie and match wagon also require overhaul but this will be left until the very end in case there is not enough time. Both these vehicles should get a quick repaint so that they complement the rest of the crane."

Of course there have also been a myriad of smaller, but no less important tasks undertaken on the crane, but as I have not been involved with this project, I am unable to elaborate in detail. However, as a bystander I can say that the crane will look stunning when it is finished, and can appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into its overhaul both by volunteers and paid staff.

Crane MP3 in the workshop.

Match wagon with crane behind.

Closer view of match wagon.

Tail-end bogie.

Jib-end bogie.