Sunday, 20 June 2010

Out and about at Wansford - midweek

Polish 0-8-0T 5485 was in use for the midweek steam service, using the continental stock (SNCBs and DSBs, in a combined rake today). Check out for timetables and information on what's running on specific dates.

I don't think I have ever posted a picture of a completed trolley - here is the GPO mail trolley at Wansford. The restored LMS and LNWR trolleys are also dotted about on the platforms but I didn't get a picture of those this time.

The marquee was being set up for 'Steaming Blues X', held on Saturday 19th June. I hope the event was successful and that visitors had a good time.

In the carriage restoration shed, SNCB 21013 was having its first topcoat of blue and cream.