Thursday, 17 June 2010

Back to the Lowmac: Part II

I should work on the GNR Lowmac more often - it seems to coincide with scorching hot weather and I get sunburned every time! (Well, apart from last time, but I'm trying to forget the misery of attempting to paint in the drizzle).

The headstocks, buffers and lower portion of the body were painted black today, along with the chequerplate decking at the wagon ends. The wagon now actually shines - what a difference! I was feeling lazy so I painted around the existing Tare/Gross lettering, but it's not too noticeable upon casual inspection.

I finished off by painting the wagon plates, these are a big improvement. Previously the highlighting of the text could be described as 'approximate'!

All that's left to do is brush paint over the 'Lowmac 1' branding on one side - that can be done any time the weather is good enough assuming the wagon is conveniently located - and I will have outshopped my first wagon. What will be next??

A reminder of the earlier tired appearance of the vehicle, 3rd June 2010.

Bodysides completed, headstocks/buffers yet to be done.

Smartened up wagon plates painted in conjunction with the lower bodysides. The date reads 1909 - making this Lowmac a sprightly 101 years old!

The (very nearly) completed wagon - just got to paint over the stencilled 'Lowmac 1' lettering on this side to complete.