Monday, 12 December 2011

Mk1's make progress

Work to the roof of BR Mk1 SK E25347 has progressed rapidly over the last two or three weeks since SNCB (Belgian) coach No.21013 vacated the carriage shed (happily in time for the 'Santa Specials'). As the photos show, the roof has been roughly divided into three manageable chunks, cleaning/rubbing down and repainting being undertaken in sections.

This roof was in particularly poor condition cosmetically, what little paint remained was coming away in flakes! This has now been removed, and approximately two-thirds of the roof rubbed down... preparation for the first coats of paint, seen here applied to the first third of the roof (these photos are now a week old, so may already be out of date). The corroded roof vents have also been removed, and replacements fabricated already. I'm quite amazed at the rate of progress on this vehicle as work only began towards the end of November!

E25347 seen above is from the current running fleet, however Allan has been busy applying the lining to his Mk1 TSO No.4466 which is being restored from non-running condition. It is hoped that this coach will be ready for traffic before too long, giving a fleet of seven operational BR Mk1's for the first time in many years, with others in the wings awaiting their turn for restoration.