Monday, 5 December 2011

Repairs and Tidying

This week a couple of days were spent finishing off the new roof for one of the grounded van bodies at Wansford, and tidying this corner of the site by cutting and burning the vegetation on the embankment. Here we see the van bodies and embankment before work commenced, the lorry tarpaulin was not too bad but the supporting plywood was rotten and full of holes, allowing water to pool and pour into the van.

After installing the majority of the new boards a few weeks ago, the final ones were cut and fitted during the week, and felted as seen above.

The vans and embankment at the end of the day. Despite appearances these grounded 'Shocvan' bodies are structurally sound, they just look very tatty. A job for another day is to rebuild the doors with salvaged materials, and the whole lot can then be given a quick clean up and a lick of paint.

The new roof and tidied embankment makes quite a difference when compared to the first photo, which was taken only two weeks ago.