Sunday, 25 September 2011

Carriage & Wagon Update

SNCB 21013 (the bar car) has been back in the workshop for the last couple of months, for the rebuilding of the vestibule ends. The east end is complete...

...while the west end is now not too far from completion. The rebuilding of the sides of this vehicle were tracked on this blog during 2010, archived on the right hand side of this page.

Allan's Mk1 TSO No.4466 continues to progress towards completion, the lower half of the north side is beginning to see BR Maroon topcoat. As reported in a previous posting, the south side has been finished.

The south side of No.4466.

"Esso" tank No.1914 now has black undercoat on the middle section - just the topcoat to go...

A closer view.

The impressive output of platform barrows continues. It is good to see that the newly-restored barrows already outside have now been distributed and displayed around the platforms at Wansford, rather than being chained together in a corner as they were previously!

Finally, the C&W shed has gained its long-desired barrow crossing linking it to the other sheds and service area. It will now be a lot easier to put the bins out amongst other things!