Tuesday, 27 September 2011

2011 Diesel Gala

It's that time of year again for one of NVR's biggest and best events!

Copied from the NVR website...

The visiting locos are:

37503, 20107 & 45060 Courtesy of Barrow Hill.
33201 Courtesy of BRCW Group Butterley.
25321 Courtesy of Midland Railway, Butterley & Derby Industrial Museum.
563xx Courtesy of BARS.
08622 courtesy of RMS LocoTech and Hansons Cement Ketton Works.
The home fleet of 14029 & 31108.
These are all subject to availability.

A small ceremony will be held on the Saturday at Wansford to commemorate 45060's 50th birthday.

14029 will be running shuttles from Wansford to Yarwell.

A rare opportunity to see on static display Class 14 ex D9518 NCB No7 which has been stored since preservation from Ashington Colliery in 1987 and is not normally accessible to public view.

Running engines for Friday - 31108, 25321, 33201, 37503 & 45060

Running Engines for Saturday & Sunday - 08622, 20107, 31108, 25321, 33201, 37503, 45060, 57xxx & 14029

Real Ale on sale

Working Timetable and Roster can be found here.