Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tanks Again

The shed staff kindly shunted the Esso tanker from the turntable and back into the bay platform, so an air line (for the needle-gun) could reach from the shed.

There was no other option other than to clamber up on top of the tank to continue the needle-gunning. This was the unusual view of the engine sheds from my lofty perch. I should mention at this point that I really don't like heights - even relatively modest ones - it was ok when I was settled in position but I was considerably wobbly when climbing up there in the first place!

Paint is now removed from the top of the tank on the eastern end.

At the end of the day progress was noticeable. Just as the metal was fully exposed, it started to rain - typical! The tank will be stripped and painted in sections where the steel sheets are butted together, in order to minimise the time that the metal is unprotected from the elements. There is probably 1-2 days worth of needle-gunning still required on this section, before rust treating with acid, priming, then undercoat. At one day a week that's at least five weeks work - hence the need for more volunteers!