Monday, 18 April 2011

Building works

The cafe extension at Wansford is coming on nicely. According to the latest 'Nene Steam' (Issue 100), the brick plinth will support timber panelled walls to approx. 3ft above floor level, with glazed panelling above that in LNWR style. Double doors will be located at both ends to give access the the outdoor seating on the platform. It will be interesting to watch it develop.

The old waiting room ('The Barnwell Building', as it was formerly the station building at Barnwell) is also undergoing some maintenance. Rotten planks are in the process of being replaced and the rear of the building is undergoing repainting. This asset is sadly a little under-utilised at present but I believe there are plans in the pipeline to present at least part of it as a steam-era Stationmaster's office.