Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Back to Carriage & Wagon

I thought it was about time I put something up about restoration work as that has been lacking in recent postings.

I arrived at Wansford and discovered someone had very kindly painted the remaining half of the 'Vanfit' in my absence over the last couple of weeks.

I had to find something to do, and as the stencils for the lettering are not yet complete, I decided to smarten up the underframe with a quick coat of gloss black. The ends can wait until another time, I want to paint an operational wagon ('Palvan' B778810) first.

The public side of this van is now looking quite smart.

Speaking of repaints, the TPO brake No.80456 emerged from the sheds in an incomplete state in order to be used on the TPO exchanges at the gala weekend.

Since the outshopping of freshly painted 'Thomas' from the C&W shed in February, SNCB 21013 has returned to the workshop and is seeing its end vestibules substantially rebuilt.