Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wednesday at Wansford

Recent 'Before and After' pictures of the loco siding at Wansford...

The view from the car park at Wansford until recently. 'Kriegslok' and other shabby engines resembling a scrap line - welcome to the NVR!

Much better - the 'B' Class undergoing cosmetic restoration when weather and volunteer labour allows.

The cafe extension is progressing well, utilising old platform canopy supports as part of the construction.

Blast from the past - 5MT 73050 was in the workshop being worked on when I visited, alongside were the old cabsides it wore when it was in BR Green livery many years ago.

The restoration of the TASC 45 machine is just about there. The tipper body has been refurbished and mounted back on the vehicle.

This will be a very useful tool for various civil engineering jobs around the railway. A lot of credit is due to the volunteers who have seen this through to completion.

Tim's brake continues to make excellent progress. Sadly his page on Fotopic is down (Fotopic has mysteriously disappeared at present, but I will keep the links on the right-hand side of this page for the time being in case it comes back). The lookout duckets have now been installed into the bodyside.

Also in the yard is Ian's Southern Railway brake van No.55550 which has seen attention from a paintbrush after extensive timber and solebar repairs. It also has new flooring and stepboards. I just need to find some time to improve the operational wagons to go with these brake vans!

The other SR vehicle at Wansford, TPO No.4920, has seen the completion of its heavy clean. Its looking a darned sight better than it did. A start has been made on the neighbouring BR Mk1 coach that forms the TPO second-hand bookshop, but this coach is in more poorly condition and may be replaced before long.

Loco and C&W Shed tours should be in operation during the Steam Gala on 2nd/3rd April, so if you want to see some of the hidden aspects of the railway come along for a good day out and a nosey behind the scenes!