Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mixed Traffic Reminder

Just a reminder that the 'Mixed Traffic Gala' is this weekend - 2nd/3rd April (both days).

The loco allocation/roster is now up on the working timetable.

In addition, the following link will take you to the main event page on the official website, which gives the full list of attractions available (much more than just the trains - the shed tours (limited availability) are particularly unusual at the NVR but there is much else besides).

This event has undergone some changes to the locomotives since being originally advertised. Barring anything unforeseen, the steam fleet is now set as BR '5MT' 73050, '4F' 44422, Austerity 0-6-0ST No.22, and Polish 0-8-0T No.5485. The latter will be on the lovely 1930s Belgian SNCB coaches all day, the event is a good opportunity to experience travel in these.

Please note that Class 40 D306 will sadly not now be available but Class 31 31108 and Class 14 D9520/No.45 will be used from the diesel fleet.

73050 will share passenger duties on the BR Mk1 rake...

...with Fowler 4F No.44422.

'Austerity' 0-6-0ST No.22 will be on the goods wagons, which make fabulous clanging and rumbling noises as they are pushed around and bump into each other.

Polish 0-8-0T will be on the 1930s SNCB 'Corporate' set as seen here (take the opportunity to ride on these special coaches, they are much nicer in my view than the basic, Danish (DSB) green set).

Class 31 31108 will be on the TPO demonstration runs in operation during this event. This loco was featured in the recent 'Eastenders' level crossing drama.

Finally, Class 14 D9520/Corby Quarries No.45 will be making a light engine move to Peterborough (NV) at 9.20am. At 10.25am it will leave Peterborough with the goods wagons, arriving back at Wansford at 10.55am. After this run, D9520 will work shuttles through the tunnel to Yarwell Junction, using the SNCB rake and giving No.5485 a breather.

We very much hope to see you there!