Wednesday, 7 April 2010

April Fools Day

As promised, here are some pics taken last Thursday, which happened to be April 1st. I assure you there is no trickery going on here!

The completed 'Pines Express' carriage boards for the S&D event - looking very smart.

Mail trolley with rear wheels fitted and turned the right way up...

Underframe of BR MK1 coach 4686 undergoing a very quick spruce up. Pictured nearly first thing in the morning, the bracket in the foreground has been painted but not much else yet...

Results of a days work - not quite finished, and unfortunately not painted to a particularly high standard, but it certainly looks smarter for the time being.

The roof of SNCB coach 21013 is completed and topcoated. Cutting away of the rust blistered sides up to waist level (about the thick yellow lining) will begin in earnest. The Carriage and Wagon shed looks a lot tidier without the scaffolding for roof access!

Polish 0-8-0 tank No.5485 was being test steamed today. Unfortunately this highlighted some issues that still need to be resolved, but it looks like good progress has been made. The difference in size between European stock and British stock (the goods van) can be seen to good effect here!