Monday, 16 January 2012

More Mk1 Progress

Over the last couple of weeks the ventilators have been reinstated on the freshly-painted roof of BR Mk1 SK E25347.

Despite appearances these vents are brand new replica items, not repainted originals.

The full extent of the roof, showing the large number of vents required per carriage.

Each of these is a work of art, handcrafted with incredible skill by Karl, one of our full-time carriage restorers and expert 'metal basher'.

The Class 107 DMU has now been removed from the railway - here is the centre car in failing light, which is/was the last vehicle of the 3-car set left on site. This is to also leave shortly (if it hasn't already), presumably to rejoin the two driving cars at another location, although I cannot be sure of this. Personally I'm quite sorry to see it leave, as although it needed quite a bit of work, it was quite an attractive vehicle both inside and out. Sadly it never ran a public train on the NVR under its own power. Having said that the C&W department is a small department, and the question remains as to whether the C&W resources could stretch to maintaining a DMU in addition to the large carriage fleet, many of which require a substantial amount of work.

Speaking of departures, it is also time to say "thank you and goodbye" to Cris Rees, who recently stepped down as NVR General Manager. I will never forget his friendly and encouraging welcome when I first hesitantly stepped into the office to sign up as an active volunteer, and his support when I first mooted the idea of a new NVR Wagon Group which is moving forward with active restoration work. Indeed this blog only exists thanks to his blessing. I very much hope his successor will help the railway accomplish new challenges in the future, onwards and upwards as they say!